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who is this lindsay heinzen person anyway?


Okay so i get asked all the time.. "why 'penguin stands alone'?" Because a long time ago as a creative, studio-seeking mom of babies, i felt like i was isolated from my creative people since i was home. Then it just stuck.  Plus, i am an unusual penguin.  I come and huddle when i want to be warm with the other penguins and then i go back to my iceberg and sit on my babies to keep them warm.   


Now i do freelance illustration from home, murals, these comics and doing whatever other creative thing i want to do.  Its my happy place.  These comics are just a way for me to look at life in a humorous, more objective way and learn to love the journey. I want to be better.  at everything.  life, art, loving.  That's what its all about i think. 

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